To whom it may concern

At this time I just like to make mention of an Individual who I’ve known and dealt with for approximately three years now his name is Nigel Kibel and his business is Property Know How. I have found that in most property investment companies there seems to be 2 different philosophy’s.

One is you can be the type of group or person who talks the talk but doesn’t quite get you where you need to go but still they’re happy to take your money even if all those promises don’t eventuate then there’s the other individual the one that gets left carrying the bag you know what I mean you’ve been there you’re thinking about this happened but because you’re decent because your moral and because you do your best 2 Always do what’s right u you keep on going and you get yourself up and just put 1 foot in front of the other now that’s the type of person I like to be around the person who does give a stuff, the person who would rather if something went wrong it happened to them and not to you and in all my dealings with Nigel I can honestly say that in him you have that. He’s that kind of individual his word is his word and that’s the type of person I like to do business with and these are the people I do business with during my work week because if you want to get ahead there are no shortcuts in business you have to deal honestly or in the end it just catches up with you.

With Nigel the big advantage is that he passes the information on so that you are able to move ahead in your property portfolio goals without the threat that you’re going to be taken advantage of at any point but you will be lead step by step and taught how to do the due diligence.

So if you want to be involved with someone who has integrity, which by the way is a hard thing to find, then take Nigel up on what I said and see what happens, he may just restore your faith in humanity once again because of the very least you can trust that he will always do his best He Definitely won’t sit back and rest on his laurels he’s just not put together like that and 4 that we should be grateful

Signed Craig

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Having a keen interest in the US property market I attended a property talk where Nigel was the main speaker. I was very impressed by Nigel’s knowledge and understanding of the US market over there. Coupled with his strong emphasis on quality investments and service, I decided to sign up for the mentorship program with him. At Nigel’s suggestion, my wife and I travelled to San Antonio in the US to join the property tour that he was conducting. My wife and I was not disappointed with the US property tour as it had really opened up my eyes to the many possibilities as well as pitfalls if one does not know the market over there. During the tour Nigel was very patient in explaining and gave us valuable insight into the property market over there. Even after he left the company where I joined the mentorship program, he continued mentoring me and gave me guidance on the US property market as well as property development deals in Australia.

He calls me regularly and keeps me up to date of the latest deals and products. I am very grateful and impressed by his strong sense of commitment, integrity, professionalism and quality of service and will not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends.

Regards Danny

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Honesty, Integrity, Trustworthiness and Knowledgeable are the words that spring to mind.

Your attention to detail combined with your cautious approach to projects has made the process pleasant and stress free.

At last, a real mentor motivated with a genuine desire to assisting people achieve their dreams.

Thanks Nigel for setting the benchmark.

Signed Greg

Name and contact details supplied upon reques

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