Investment Services

Investment services

Our complete service includes a full financial evaluation, a life plan that is designed for the rest of your life.  Then we locate an ideal property that matches to your financial goals. Why settle for less. This is for new or off the plan property. Offered Nationally


Buyers Advocacy

Whether you are looking to buy an investment to live in or one to renovate why not deal with an expert with more than 30 years’ experience with buying a selling real estate. Remember with whatever you do in real  estate the profit is in the buying. So, if you want to save thousands and get realistic advice and the right deal contact me today for a confidential conversation. Offered Nationally


Vendor Advocacy

We know how hard is it to choose the right agent when you are selling your prized Home. Let’s face it many agents look and sound the same in what they offer. They are sales people.  We hear many stories about once you do list your home before long the agent’s conditioning commences.

They tell you why your home is not worth what they told you in the first place.  So how do we make selling your home less daunting? Our Vendor  service means that we put your interests first, we do all the research for you, appoint the best agent for your property and they report to us without all the sell talk.  We have more than 30 years of experience so why not us take the worry and time away from you. The best thing is, it will not cost you a dollar more so contact us today. Melbourne only and regional Victorian cities.

About Us

Let us assist you to achieve your goals by working with some of the most experienced and professional people in the property industry.

We do this by providing some of the best education in Australia and having experienced people involved in our meetings through our exclusive board of advisors who will share their knowledge with you.

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